Performance and Technical Facts

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Furthermore :

  • 6 x 6 4PT and 100% Contact/Rhinoloc Square cribs use the same amount of timber for the same size crib.
  • 100% Contact/Rhinoloc Square cribs have approximately 233% more timber in contact than 6 x 6 4 PT thus providing 233% more timber in compression.
  • Rhinoloc Tri have approximately 147% more timber in contact than 6 x 6 4PT thus providing 147% more timber in compression BUT utilising 25% less timber to achieve this increase in performance.
  • Rhinoloc Tri has 20 less pieces than a 100% Contact/ Rhinoloc Square Crib but 20 more than 6 x 6 4PT for a 3m high crib.
  • For a 3m high crib approximately 675kg of timber is used in a Rhinoloc Tri whereas approximately 900kg is used on both the 100% Contact / Rhinoloc Square and 6 x 6 4PT. That is 25% less weight of timber needing to be handled.
  • Rhinoloc Tri can be up to approximately 39% narrower in profile than the square versions. Due to its shape it can also provide less resistance to airflow.