RhinoLoc Cog

Fitted with Rhinoloc connectors the RhinoLoc Cog component is able to be connected in a traditional square, joined together to make a rectangular shaped cog or where able into a triangle which can drastically reduce the volume of timber required whilst not compromising safety in any way.

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RhinoLoc Tri Cog roof support

RhinoLoc Tri Cog

• A single component which can provide a range of configurations – square, triangle and rectangle.


• 100% contact between surfaces enables significantly higher loads than traditional 4 point cribs.


• 25% less timber used in triangle configurations than square configurations which use the same volume as other interlocking systems (which are the same as the traditional 4 point crib of the same size, ie no timber savings).  Check out the Cost Comparison  – input your purchase price,number of cribs and height and see the difference in $ and overall weight of material handled…… it just makes so much sense.


• Innovative interlocking connector enables positive location of respective elements to form a stable and strong support.


• Environmentally conscious solution which maximises the available resource whilst enabling significant cost savings in labour and materials.