Cost savings and a dramatic increase in productivity are the key benefits of the evolutionary RhinoLoc Underground Roof Support System. Features of this innovatively designed product provide a strong, durable connection between timber elements without the need for bolts, fixings or fasteners.

100% contact square systems use the same volume of timber to produce a crib as did the original 4 point cribs constructed using 6 x 6’s.  They do have more timber working than the original 4 point crib and can consequently support more load but it remains largely inefficient as it is generally not possible to space the cribs wider apart than previously thus the extra capacity is not utilised. The result being there is effectively no saving in timber being consumed and installed between the original 4 point cribs and the current square 100% contact cribs.

The RhinoLoc Tri Cog is designed to utilise the benefits of 100% contact which fully utilises 100% of the timber for support BUT optimises this capacity versus load and crib spacing. The result being a far superior product to install for many reasons where it is appropriate to use it.


  • 100% Contact and Interlocking System
  • Allows either square or triangle configurations
  • Precisely machined surfaces
  • Tapered locating connections


  • 25% Less timber can be used whilst not compromising performance requirements
  • Cost Savings  (Click to access Cost Savings Calculator)
  • Productivity Increases
  • Minimise OH & S Issues
  • Environment
  • Air Flow
  • Inventory Management
  • Transport – Offsite/Onsite

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RhinoLoc has significant applications in other areas :

  • Lifting and Jacking
  • Load Support
  • Heavy Transport



RL Close up v2w300300

The RhinoLoc System


RL Sq 1 v2w250250

RhinoLoc Square Cog

RL Tri Cog v2w250250

RhinoLoc Tri Cog